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The Power of Presets: Why They're Important & How to Use Them

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What are Presets?

You hear about presets all over social media now days...but what even are they? The easiest way to understand photo presets is to think of them as chosen pre-saved filters and edits which you can apply to all your photos with the tap of button through certain programs and apps.

Why Use Them?

Presets to enhance your social media profile.

1. They make it easier to edit your photos

As mentioned above, presets are pre-saved filters to use on your photos, therefore a tap of one button can give you the edits you would normally spend 30 minutes on trying to adjust with instagram filters and edits. The perfect brightness, sharpness, and aesthetic you spend so long to achieve is easily saved for you to use on all your photos!

2. They give you an opportunity to hold a profile theme/aesthetic

Using presets allows you to to be consistent with all your images. Using the same preset on all you photos will make your profile hold the aesthetic you want and look more coherent. This will ultimately attract more people to your profile because consistent themes look good!

3. You can find something that is a perfect fit for you and your profile

There are such a wide variety of presets available that are also completely customizable. This way, you can find exactly the aesthetic you are looking for and customize it exactly to your liking!

How to Use Them

Although many presets are directly sold by companies, people, and apps, many also provide basic presets for free for use. Applications like Lightroom for example, provide some free basic presets on their app! You can easily upload any photos from your camera roll and select the preset filter you would like to use, as well as continuing to customize that preset if there is anything you want to change about it.

Whether you are looking for an easier way to edit your photos, or a more consistent feed to grow your platform, we hope we convinced you that presets are a great choice for you!


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