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How to Kill the Hashtag Game

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are introduced by the hash symbol (#), and they are a type of tag used on social media networks that let users apply certain words with a specific theme that helps others find these themes easily through it.

Why even use them?

It helps your content reach more people!! Hashtags make your social posts more visible and are a great way to increase your social media engagement.

What’s the most effective method?

The 3/6/9 hashtag method has been found to be incredibly effective to help your social posts reach the most people! It takes more time than just putting the first relative hashtags you can think of.. but the outcomes are incredibly worth it!

What is the 3/6/9 method?

With this method you will essentially be choosing 3 large hashtags (the most popular ones), 6 medium ones, and 9 small hashtags. Most individuals make the mistake of choosing the biggest and most popular hashtags on their posts, but this is just ultimately throwing your small account into a HUGE pool where the likelihood of you being seen is close to 0. This method is one of the best ways to increase your engagement, and here’s why.

3 Large Hashtags

Your three large hashtags should still be below 1 million, and below 500k if your account is just starting out and you are trying to grow. This is because social media sites like Instagram for instance push photos back based on engagement. If you don’t have a ton of engagement, your posts are not going to rank and not many will see them. Keeping your three large hashtags under 500k increases your chances that more people will see your posts, and that is ultimately the goal right?

6 Medium Hashtags

You will then select 6 hashtags that have between 50k-250k posts. Make sure they are related to your post/image to ensure that when people search for hashtags they find what they are looking for on your page.

9 Small Hashtags

Lastly, use 9 hashtags that have between 15k-50k posts. Many people make the mistake of only using the huge popular hashtags on their posts, when they are so unlikely to be seen. In using these small hashtags, your posts are so much more likely to be seen!


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