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Coping with Stress as an Influencer - 2020 Edition

It is no understatement to say that so far this year has been ROUGH. As an influencer, many look to you for inspiration and encouragement during these hard times. Therefore, it's so important that you take care of YOU so that you are able to continue to be that source for your followers. Here are some coping strategies that can help diminish your stress so that you can continue to do what you love and help others during this rough year.

Avoid Perfectionism

It is so easy to get caught up in wanting your online presence to be perfect, but let's be honest. NOTHING is perfect, especially not in 2020, therefore you aren't expected to be perfect either. Letting go of the idea that you and your posts need to be perfect will automatically diminish some stress for you. You are not obligated to have the perfect online presence everyday, and frankly, your posts will end up being more meaningful and enjoyable for you if you take your time with them and aren't striving for perfection.

Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable with your followers is so important. You showing them your imperfections and your honest opinions about this year's events will help them better relate to you. Not only will this help you build more meaningful relationships with your followers, but it will also help you better let go with the stress of perfectionism and allow you to be your true self.

Take Care of You

You should have a life outside of your online platforms, and it's crucial that you are self-compassionate and take care of yourself outside of work so that you are energized and motivated when it comes to your online presence. Eat right, exercise, do other things that you enjoy and make you happy.

Detox if Needed

If you are completely overwhelmed with stress as an influencer, it's totally okay and valid to take a social media detox (your followers will understand and will survive without you). Spend a week on yourself and off of social media, allowing yourself a much needed break. You will surely come back more energized and fresh, with content that is more meaningful and inspirational to your followers.

In the midst of one of the most challenging years, please remember to take care of you.


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